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WHat is a service dog?

Service dogs are trained to perform quantifiable tasks that directly ease the challenges associated with their owner’s physical, psychiatric, sensory, and/or developmental disability. The most common types of service dogs include guide, hearing, medical alert, mobility, autism service, and psychiatric service dogs. Having a service dog provides handlers with greater independence, as well as confidence to leave their home. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects the rights of people with disabilities to bring their service dogs with them to most public places, including restaurants, theaters, shops, hotels, government agencies, planes, and non-profit organizations.

There are no nationally or legally recognized service dog training, certification, or identification standards, and both professional trainers, organizations, and owners may train service dogs. A service dog is trained in specific tasks that a person could not otherwise perform due to his or her disability. Emotional Support Animals (ESA) are not considered service dogs and are not protected under ADA.


Looking for a service dog for an autistic child? Need neurodiverse homeschooling help? Seeking a therapy dog visit or speaker for your event in North Texas?

bethany bailey - Family Resource Influencer

Being an authentic presence in her daily interactions is something Bethany strives for in her relationships—whether face-to-face or with her social media audience. She began her Instagram account to advocate for Autism awareness and, eventually, expanded to share her love of homeschooling and honest glimpses of everyday home life. She has been married for twenty-one years and has three children (16yo, 11yo, & 3yo). And who can forget Cosmo, Autism service dog extraordinaire and frequent star of the show? Bethany has more than ten years of homeschooling experience. She and her husband desire to create space for family connection through intentional time together. They enjoy traveling, family game or pizza-movie nights, and spending quality time with other families. In the past year, Bethany and her son discovered a common joy in sharing their favorite tools, resources, and products with her followers. However, her desire to highlight the life and challenges of being a special needs family remains a driving motivation for the hard work she puts into engaging her audience. Unsurprising to those who know her, being a trustworthy and encouraging voice for families of all types is most important to her and stands as social media's most crucial raison d’être.


Autism Advocacy


Quality Family Time

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Traveling with a Disability

Managing life with a Service Dog

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Autism Service Dog 101

ASD Service Dogs & How to Begin

Private Consultations

Personalized Covo on Getting Your Autism Service Dog

How to Begin your Homeschool journey with Neurodiverse Children

In-Person Presentation

A Hands-On Educational Experience


Invite us to your next event. Have Garrick and Bethany share their experience on raising and homeschooling their neurodiverse children during their 21 years of marriage.

Cosmo Therapy Visit

Cosmo will provide and emotional support encounter at your facility or designated location.

Blessing Bea Creations

Creating resources and tools to help families with neurodiverse children and parents function in a world not created for them. Visit our Etsy shop HERE.

Webinar - $25

Autism Service Dog 101

A 45 minute webinar about autism service dogs & how to begin the process of acquiring one. Classes will be announced on our Instagram page.

For more information, please email us at:

Private Consultations - $45


A 60-minute personalized consultation on getting your autism service dog.Topics will include but are not limited to:

Is a service dog right for my family?

What do service dogs do for Autism?

How much does it cost?

Do I have to go through an organization?


A 60-minute personalized consultation on how to begin your homeschool journey with a neurodiverse child. Topics will include but are not limited to:

Is homeschooling right for my family?

What are the homeschool laws in my state?

How much does it cost?

What curriculum should I use?

Presentation - call for pricing

We will visit your classroom or location of choice to give a presentation about autism and service dogs. Studies show that 1 in 33 children is diagnosed with autism. The presentation explains what ASD is and how it affects communication, social, and thinking skills. Your students will have the opportunity to ask us and our son questions and see a demonstration of how Cosmo helps our boy. We will conclude our time with a chance for the kids to visit with Cosmo.

For more information, please email us at:

Speakers/Panelist - call for pricing

Garrick and Bethany have been married for 21 years. They have three children ranging from age four to sixteen. Their son was diagnosed on the Autism spectrum four years ago, shortly after he turned seven. They have spent their entire marriage in ministry, working with families from all walks of life. Currently, Garrick is finishing up his Ph.D. at Southern Seminary while serving as a minister at their church. Bethany homeschools their children and spends her free time advocating for the autism community. Their Instagram account has allowed them to connect with, support, and encourage other parents of autistic children. They are passionate about walking alongside newly diagnosed families and talking through the issues concerning faith and autism. They also love discussing principles of healthy marriage with parents of special needs children.

Therapy Dog Visits - call for pricing

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Studies show that sessions with therapy dogs reduce blood pressure as effectively as dietary restrictions, such as the elimination of sodium or alcohol. Therapy dog encounters can also ease depression and anxiety, boosting oxytocin levels by as much as 300%.

We offer one time visits as well as reoccurring visits. Prices vary in cost and our schedule is limited.

For more information, please email us at: